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Rocket Raid WP7 Game

We are just about to release our latest game “Rocket Raid” onto the windows phone 7 marketplace. This will be a free Ad-supported game.

Game Summary

You are on a mission to save your planet from an Earth Invasion fleet. The best defence is to take the fight to the humans. So with a small fleet of fighter – bombers your mission is to destroy the defence systems on each planet in the Earth solar system and force the humans to surrender….

Campaign mode with 22 stages

Arcade mode

3 Difficulty settings

Fly across scrolling planet/moon surfaces and through tunnels

Fly through Asteroid and mine fields Enemy have many types of rockets, fighters, mines and guns.

As you progress the enemy get more powerful and have new types of rockets and fighters.

Boss ship/outpost at the end of each stage.

Your ship is equipped with missles and bombs Destroy buildings and outposts on each planet/moon

Use you fuel scoop to collect gas from clouds after certain buildings/asteroids are destroyed

In Arcade mode you can set the frequency of rockets, mines, enemy ships, gun emplacements as well as planet size and difficulty

We have uploaded a video showing some of the early campaign game action:-


More information to follow in the next few days.


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